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About the Jerusalem Mint

The Jerusalem Mint is renown for its exclusive collection of commemorative coins that honor the State of Israel and its people. Designed by top Israeli artists, our coins are minted with the finest precious metals and crafted with uncompromising precision, elegance and beauty.

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The Diamond Anniversary Coin

Introducing our latest issue, minted in honor of Israel’s historic 75th anniversary. The coin commemorates Israel’s miraculous victory in 1948, the return of the Jewish nation to its ancient homeland and 75 years of remarkable success as a true ‘light unto the nations.'

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Israelis Raise the Final Victory Flag

Depicted on the coin is an historic highlight of 'Operation Uvda,' the final campaign in Israel's War of Independence which took place at Umm Rashrash, known today as Eilat. The iconic moment was the raising of the Israeli flag at a captured Egyptian police station.

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A Little 'Secret' about the Victory Flag

After Israel's final victory, the IDF brigade commander noticed that his unit was missing its flag. He immediately ordered soldiers to make one by hand, using a white bedsheet and blue ink! The iconic flag became known as the 'ink flag.' The war was over!

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Own a Piece of Israel's History

The State of Israel Diamond Anniversary Coin is a one-of-a-kind commemoration of modern Israeli history. A limited-edition production of 7500 coins will be available on or before May 14, 2023. The pre-sale has been launched... order yours before they are sold out!

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